• Nanotechnologia na Śląsku
    Nanotechnologia wyznacza trendy współczesnej nauki, jest ważnym elementem rozwoju przemysłu i stanowi obecnie cenne źródło technologicznych inspiracji.

  • Cele klastra
    Głównym celem Klastra jest wspieranie na Śląsku rozwoju przedsiębiorczości w dziedzinie nanotechnologii opartej na współpracy sektora naukowego i gospodarczego.

Our organization

Recognizing the Silesian Region’s potential in the development of materials technologies, including nanotechnology, which are characterized by high quality scientific research and dynamically developing industry in this area as well as seeing the benefits of mutual cooperation between companies that care for the development of advanced technologies in Silesia, we find initiating and organising close cooperation in the form of the Cluster valuable.

The mission of the Silesian Nano Cluster is to develop Silesia as an innovative region favouring the development of nanotechnology in the country and in the world.

The Silesian Nano Cluster will be a platform of cooperation for entrepreneurs and research teams as well as business support organizations from the field of advanced materials and in particular nanotechnology. The objective of the Cluster is the development permanent cooperation between business and science, which will allow implementing joint development research projects and commercialization of their results. By facilitating access to information and its exchange and helping to establish new relations, we will integrate the environment, thereby contributing to the development of science and industry in Silesia.
The objective of the enterprise is:

  • Creating a multilevel network of cooperation in the field of materials technology and nanotechnology, allowing for effective combination and use of the potential of people, companies, institutions of higher education, scientific research units, business institutions and local and regional authorities in Silesia.
  • Organizing a forum enabling working out a common position on issues important for nanotechnology and materials industry to prepare appropriate institutional, administrative and environmental conditions for the development of Polish economy and ensure long-term economic success.
  • Promoting Polish nanotechnology by creating a common image both internationally and nationwide, supporting international cooperation and publicising the image of nanotechnology in the society as an innovative, ecologic and pro-economic industry providing many beneficial solutions used in everyday life.
  • Supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of materials technologies and nanotechnology and creating conditions for effective commercialization of the results of research of universities and R&D units.
  • Combining and developing resources and competencies from the field of materials technologies and nanotechnology to effectively use both existing possibilities as well as opportunities associated with the development of innovative economy based on knowledge.

The abovementioned objectives will be achieved by:

  1. Marketing activities aimed at creating the image of the Cluster, as well Katowice and the region, as a place that has favourable conditions for starting new enterprises, developing skills and implementing projects in the field of nanotechnology and materials technologies.
  2. Initiating and coordinating activities aimed at creating and strengthening favourable conditions for functioning and development of institutions, companies and organizations active in the field of nanotechnology and materials technology in the Silesian region.
  3. Initiating and developing contacts and establishing cooperation with institutions, organizations and companies beyond the Cluster to ensure and facilitate access to latest knowledge and technology achievements for Partners and their employees.
  4. Initiating and coordinating joint research, development and introductory projects and applying for subsidies from various funds, and especially from The European funds, for these projects.
  5. Organizing and coordinating activities facilitating the development and effective use of exchange of information and mutual experiences.
  • The Cluster functions independently, as a common enterprise of Partners
  • An institution or an organization conducting activity associated with nanotechnology or advanced materials, offering services to individuals and entities of this sector, can become a participant of the Cluster
  • The Cluster is open for all interested parties and being its participant is on voluntary and cooperation basis
  • Each Partner of the Cluster is involved in it on equal rights. The Cluster’s operations are based on its development programme and regulations.

The organisations establishing the Silesian Nano Cluster include:

  • Fundacja Wspierania Nanonauk i Nanotechnologii NANONET
  • The University of Silesia in Katowice
  • The Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology
  • The City of Katowice

The Silesian Nano Cluster, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.